I am delighted to be invited to show my most recent suite of drawings as a solo exhibition at An Táin Arts Centre.

These strange times have been very challenging for all of us and I have found my own way to deal with the current crisis. I would like to invite you along into my creative world. In April of 2020, I decided to start daily drawings and in May, An Táin Arts Centre invited me to share them on their social media platforms as a way to keep art visible and accessible in times of lockdown where all the brick and mortar galleries were closed.

A drawing a day… focuses on the idea of journaling through drawing in response to the current covid-19 crisis. The series of drawings and musings are a creative response to the impact of social distancing and isolation as the new normal. What does it do to us, and how does it change the way we see the world around us? These drawings explore visually how this narrative evolves over the course of 31 days.

The exhibition opening on the 24th of July will be through the format of an online Zoom interview. The exhibition will then run from the 25th of July until the 22nd of August in the Basement Gallery of An Táin Arts Centre. All are welcome to visit the show. All required health measures will be in place to secure your visit is safe.