‘Insight – Insound’ was a one-day screening of audio-visual art. The event took place in Barlow House, one of the sites of Droichead Arts Centre.

The premise of this exhibition was to showcase the work of artists/ filmmakers in which equal consideration is given to both the audio and the visual aspect resulting in a unified whole. The overall unifying theme of the exhibition deals with humanity and natural structures, both realistic and abstract. Works of varying styles were included, some subtle or contemplative in their interplay, while others more visceral and provocative in their approach. A large focus was put on selecting artists from around the globe to broaden the scope of this project.

Featured artists: Jonathan Harris, Aaron Muson with music by Mark Templeton, Joey Bania with music by Orla Wren, Jeff FrostKurt HentschlägerThierry Gauthier

Curated at Droichead Arts Centre, 2013, Drogheda.