MORRÍGAN was developed as a collaborative large scale site-specific audio and visual artwork for Púca Festival 2019. This 5:03 min video piece explores the Irish mythological character of the Morrígan in a contemporary way through the use of audio and visuals while inspired by the Irish historic and natural landscape. The work was made during an intense 48h collaboration work period involving 4 artists and through a process of brainstorming, exchanging ideas and collaborative efforts.

With visuals and video work by ELS + DECLAN and sound design by Anton Kaldal and Hafdis Bjarnadottir.

Site-specific audiovisual artwork as part of the de:LUX programme of PÚCA Festival. de:LUX is a platform by Curated Place for developing cross-sector collaborations between visual artists and sound artists. Made during and for PÚCA Festival 2019 with the support of Louth County Council and Fáilte Ireland.