I am absolutely thrilled to see the Choir of our Mind project selected by Creative Ireland.

Choir of our Mind is a 10-week creative programme I run with the Local Ukrainian Group in Drogheda. The aim is to hear and record stories from the 20-25 participants which then inspire me to make portraits of each participant. That way, we will create a large artwork together, with collective ownership. These portraits, together with the recorded stories, will be shown to the wider public in a small exhibition at Millmount Cultural Quarter during Culture Night in September 2023. Each participant will receive a fine art print of their portrait.

Telling stories is a critical expression of any community, none more so than a group like the Local Ukrainian Group in Drogheda who have vital stories to share with us. I am offering a creative outlet for their stories to be heard and seen by transforming them into a collective artwork. The idea is for the participants to feel that their voice matters, that their stories matter and to see them integrated into a piece of art, which can then continue to speak to a wider audience. They contribute to the making of their own portrait through sharing their stories, as such the making of the work becomes a joint effort, focusing on creating a unique piece of art that can only exist through collaboration and connection.

A huge thank you to Creative Ireland for generously funding this project.