I take constant inspiration from my many journeys and adventures, combined with a fascination for the absurdity of the human race, for observing people and wondering why they do what they do. My changing worldview and portrayal of mankind as a result of a nomadic lifestyle between Ireland and Belgium has been a major inspiration for this body of work.

What if the self coexists in two countries? What if the self-gallivants between both, at the same time creating a sense and a lack of belonging in either place? This opens up a void where different realities interact with each other; it creates a potential in-between space, a neither here nor there where a sense of detachment and displacement reigns. This is where I gallivant and observe the world around me, simultaneously part of and apart from, always hovering between both. It is often a lonely place, this in-between space, but as often it is a place that allows for exciting adventures and opportunities.