Presence of the forgotten is a solo exhibition by Els Borghart shown in Toradh Gallery (Ashbourne, Ireland) and in Kunstplatform Zebrastraat (Gent, Belgium).

My many wanderings, travels and adventures are a constant inspiration for my art. I start from the concept of the world in transition with its many in-between spaces and changing identities: the world in flux, the fluidity and transience of life and the ever-changing world view that goes hand in hand with this process.

My work always starts from a personal experience, combined with my fascination for the absurdity of the human race. For this exhibition, I further built upon my changing world view and portrayal of mankind as a result of my nomadic existence between Belgium and Ireland. The adventure on the one hand, but also the detachment and the questioning of the world that goes hand in hand with it.

My personal story is merely a starting point, which I do not seek to illustrate. My work rather and above all wants to reflect on the world we live in, to question the little and the big things in life.

The exhibition ran from 12 July – 9 August in Toradh Gallery and from 29 August – 2 October 2016 in Kunstplatform Zebrastraat.