I am truly delighted to be a recipient of the 2023 Arts Council Agility Award.

The last few years have been a struggle for me to get both my art practice, my theatre work and my life back up and running. As a Long Covid survivor, energy was often limited meaning more lucrative projects were prioritised over my own practice. An artist gotta eat! And in all honesty, I have also always truly loved working in various creative fields. This too informs my own practice and enriches my life. However, I have made many attempts to reboot my practice through residencies and small projects over the last few years, but I missed the continuity to really develop the new body of work I have in mind. This award gives me the time and confidence to spend this coming autumn and winter mainly on developing a series of new paintings and drawings, whilst building on the groundwork, mentorship and research I have done over the last couple of years.

I would like to thank the Arts Council of Ireland for this opportunity and for believing in the quality and potential of my work.