This experimental piece of video art is based on my experience of the landscape during the lockdowns in 2020 and early 2021. It was a time in which I was not only grappling with the global pandemic in all its forces but also with my wife becoming very ill with Covid, followed by Long Covid and me caring for her while we were living in isolation for months.

I am investigating the meaning of the landscape surrounding us as well as the landscape in my own mind during this time. How can we continue to look at what seems to be a limited and finite context in an imaginative way, almost searching for the unlimited and infinite which extends into our imagination and creative ambitions? At the heart here was finding the moments of magic that can still be seen if you probe and interrogate by contrasting the unseen in the mundane and examining hidden places that I may have missed during my lifetime.

All footage was collected while out on irregular exercise walks as permitted within the 5-kilometre region we were allowed to reside in according to the HSE guidelines.

This piece of work was generously supported by The Arts Council of Ireland‘s COVID-19 Crisis Response Award. The music was composed specifically for this piece by sound artist Dylan Connolly